gpn06 TRADE NAME REGISTRATION STATE OF GEORGIA ) ) COUNTY OF CHATHAM ) AFFIDAVIT TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Please be advised that The Edenfield Empire, LLC a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Georgia, whose principal office is located in Effingham County, Georgia, and whose address is 306 White Bluff Court, Guyton, Georgia 31312, is the owner of the certain business now being carried on at the same address, in the following trade name, to wit: Port City Customs and that the nature of said business is for car customization. This statements is made in conformity with O.C.G.A. SS 10-1-490 et seq. requiring the filing of such statement with the Office ofthe Clerk of the Superior Court ofEffingham County, Georgia. THIS 6_ day of June, 2019. VERIFICATION The Edenfield Empire, LLC By: Jessica Edenfield, Manger RK 6/26,7/3