Bryan Bignault
GPN10 IN THE JUVENILE COURT OF EFFINGHAM COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA IN THE INTEREST OF: Z.B., SEX: Female; DOB: 09/10/2015 A minor child under 18 years of age NOTICE OF SUMMONS DEPENDENCY PETITION TO: BRYAN BIGNAULT, father of Z.B., a male child born September 10, 2015. You are hereby notified that the above styled action seeking dependency of said child with the Georgia Department of Human Services, acting through the Effingham County Department of Family and Children Services, was filed in said Court on January 23, 2019, and that by reason of Order for Service by Publication, entered by the Court on January 14, 2019, you are hereby commanded and required to file with the Clerk of said Court and serve upon Jennifer C. Mock, Attorney for Petitioner, whose address is P.O. Box 159, 326 South Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia 30459 an answer to the petition within 5 (five) days of March 15, 2019. A copy of the Dependency Petition is attached to this summons or, if this summons is served by publication, can be obtained from the Clerk of this Court during business hours. Final hearing in this matter is scheduled for 9:00 o'clock a.m. on March 25, 2019 in a courtroom of the Effingham County Courthouse located in Springfield, Georgia. This is a summons requiring you to be in Court. If you fail to come to Court as required, you may be held in Contempt of Court and punished accordingly. Now, therefore, you the party named above, are commanded to be and appear on the date and time stated herein and to remain in attendance from hour to hour, day to day, month to month, year to year, and time to time, as said case may be continued, and until discharged by the Court, and you are commanded to lay any and all other business aside and to be and appear before the Juvenile Court of Effingham County, Georgia. In accordance with O.C.G.A. SS 15-11-96(b) you are hereby notified that this proceeding and the hearing(s) specified herein is for the purpose of determining whether the above name children are dependent. READ CAREFULLY: This Summons requires you to be present at a formal hearing in the Juvenile Court. The children or other parties involved may be represented by a lawyer at all stages of these proceedings. If you want a lawyer, you may choose and hire your own lawyer. If you want to hire a lawyer, please contact your lawyer immediately. If you want a lawyer but are not able to hire a lawyer without undue financial hardship, you may ask for a lawyer to be appointed to represent you. The Court would inquire into your financial circumstances and if the Court finds you to be financially unable to hire a lawyer, then a lawyer will be appointed to represent you. If you want a lawyer appointed to represent you, you must let the Court or the officer of this Court handling this case know that you want a lawyer immediately. WITNESS the Honorable F. Gates Peed, Michael T. Muldrew or Lovett Bennett, Jr., Judge of said Court. This 12th day of February, 2019. /s/ Elizabeth Hursey Clerk, Juvenile Court, Effingham County, Georgia CM8847